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2002 Community Calendar


The Sacul Opry is held in the old storefront in Sacul.  All other meetings, reunions, etc are held across the street from the old storefront at the community building.





The listed dates are taken from the Sacul Community Calendar.









September 2002

September 10  Fire Dept Mtg  at 7PM
September 14 

 Community Mtg. at 6:30

September 14 

 Autry Fuller Reunion

September 28 

The Sacul Opry

The Sacul Folk Festival

 Parade at 10AM

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October 2002

October 6 

 Gresham Reunion

October 8 

 Fire Dept Mtg at 7PM

October 12 

 Community Mtg at 6:30PM

Brooks Family Reunion

October 26 

 The Sacul Opry

Williams Reunion

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November 2002

November 9 Community Mtg at 6:30PM
November 12 Fire Dept Mtg at 7PM
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December 2002

December 8

Skinner Christmas

December 10

Fire Dept Mtg at 7PM

December 14 Community Mtg at 6:30PM
December 15

Gresham Christmas

December 22 Perry Christmas
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